Sunday, August 28, 2011

This was supposed to be a “Before and After Irene” but nothing really happened in my neighborhood…

Irene, you pathetic, anti-climactic bitch. I was expecting trees down and debris everywhere. What’s this? Just a few rogue leaves? AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A HURRICANE?! We’ve had more damage from a 5 minute tornado last summer. At least HE pulled up trees. But this… this is a failure. You are a disappointment, Irene. I was expecting so much more from you. I mean, I know I lived away from the flood zones but you could’ve put in some extra effort to knock down some shit! Smh.

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  1. misterlarry said: omg!1!11!!!! look at the ground djhsfhsdfhjsdhj it’s wet!!!1!!!!1!11
  2. marissaisnttall said: MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY.
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